by kat
(below zero in wisconsin)

Can not get clothes on her without what seems like i am hurting her, she is two and a half.

Have not left house in four days.

Therapist says to stop brushing (had been doing for a couple weeks, did see improvement)

I think an overdose of red #40 caused really really bad day and since then no clothes can touch her, no #40 in her diet for three days now.

Therapist says to wait, i have other kids and i will need to take them to appointments next week.

I have tried, softest clothes possible, putting them in dryer first, singing Elmo getting dressed song, bribing with no play dooh until we get some clothes on, see mommy is getting dressed, clothes after long bath, going outside myself to start car, coming in and saying we need clothes so we can go outside, called her doc-he said "kids this are age quirky" take her outside, she will decide to wear clothes because she will be cold" Wisconsin it is below zero!! time for a different doc, he also said SPD not proven, and red #40 reactions are not proven, kids are quirky...what the @#$%

help!, doc no help

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Feb 06, 2010
better after red #40 out of her diet
by: poster of question

almost two weeks with no red dye #40
yesterday, her OT ok'ed brushing to start again
change for better with no dye
will update after week or more of brushing

Feb 06, 2010
MY DD is very weather sensitive
by: Anonymous

Whenever there is a extreme change in the barometric pressure- usually a record LO front (like we had at least twice during this winter) she can not stand her clothes. We live in Northern IL.

So just a heads up- watch the weather and the barometer. See if you daughter is sensitive in this area also. (Yeah, I know another layer of her SPD).

My DD has been diagnosed with SPD for a few years now. She is very tactile dysfunctional.

DO NOT accept the comment from you doctor "She'll grow out of it" this is evading the situation. You are correct to seek out another doctor who is familiar with SPD.

Also let everyone in your family know that your child has SPD. Our kids act and look so "normal" in many situations, that their behavior is often attributed to brattiness. (This as the case in my family until my DD was diagnosed.)

You DD may not "feel" how cold or hot it is, so you must be the judge of how she dresses in this situation. Have you tried a leotard under her clothes? This may help- my DD must be layered - she is so sensitive on her stomach, that she wears leotards as underwear. My DD still fights against brushing but it does help. She is 11. My DD has a comfy nightgown- that when she is having a SPD difficult day, she immediately, changes into it after school.

Also, this may help- habituation. Which is wearing new or different clothes for a short time to get used to them. My DD must wear her new clothes (especially pants) for 10, then 15, then 20 minutes, before the tags come off. If she can't wear them for the habituation period, then they go back to the store. There is a reward for every time she completes the habituation and also for the first time and second time she wears them for a full day.

I cannot tell you how many times I have returned everything to Justice or Limited Two. They know me well and really understand- and of course I NEVER throw any clothe receipt away- even shoes receipts!

You will get through this winter, and next winter you will be more prepared.

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