Clothing idea for SPD issues

by Anne

My daughter has not been officially diagnosed with SPD but has been exhibiting symptoms similar to this disorder since infancy. She's been showing increased sensitivity to clothing now, at 4 years old, especially to rough seams in her underwear and pants. I ordered a pair of pants and underwear from Soft Clothing, and those made a difference.

However, buying lots of new clothing is not something I can do right now. Some of the pants she has are soft except for the inner raised seams, so what I decided to try was turning them inside out, to where the flat seams are against her skin, and fabric gluing/sewing matching or decorative ribbon over the raised seams now on the outside. Still in the experimenting stage, but she says it feels better so it may be a workable solution!

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Jun 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

Panty liners seem to have saved the day

Apr 20, 2012
Sensory friendly clothing line
by: Wendy B

I am a Mom of an Autistic 12 year old boy and I am designing a clothing line for male teens and adults with Autism, Sensory Intergration Dysfunction etc. It will tackle the issues they have with clothing like seams, buttons,zippers, tags, socks and fabrics etc. And they will look hip and in style!

I am starting small and can only focus on the males right now since I don't have the funds to do it all. I hope to grow. I am shooting for early fall 2012 to launch some items. is the website. Please come visit. Items will be more costly since they are specialty items that require special ways of sewing, special fabrics and processes.

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