Clothing issues 5 year old son - wants TIGHT and wears 2 pair socks + UGG boots 24/7!

by stacie

This started with his underwear "not fitting right" .... and car seat always wanting really tight...

He will only wear super soft t-shirts , HAS to wear 2 pair of socks , pull them up as high as possible and wears those with UGG boots EVERYDAY even in 96 degree weather.... and wears girls tights the jean ones from Target-. we have 9 pair.

HE WILL NOT TAKE HIS SOCKS OFF EXCEPT TO TAKE A BATH...only wears specific soft tee (w rotate 4 of them -it's a constant issue ...we have found he LOVES Hannah Anderson's organic cotton pajamas and let him wear those out (they don't really look like pjs they're striped but honestly i wouldn't even care what they looked like as long as we get out the door. And wants his car seat TIGHTER MOMMY , and his swim shorts TIGHTER mommy -- i feel like he's going to suffocate!

He also has started putting a squished up amount of toilet paper into his undies after he pees (once his underwear got a wee bit wet after he went pee and since then he has to have the tissue in there--which is super random.

I feel like he is missing out on so many activities due to his clothing and poor little toes must be so so tight and hot in those boots all summer ....I'm sure they just want to be free in the sunshine!

We have integrated massage and this helps but definitely need suggestions please!! thank you !

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