Colic and Brushing program

Can you use the brushing program on a two month old with Colic?

The child was born at 34 weeks and has sensory processing issues.

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Nov 21, 2011
ask a professional
by: Anonymous

my son has mild spd, he had terrible colic as a very young baby. it wasn't until much later that we were able to pin point food allergies etc, and the root of what was really going on. so we were introduced to the brushing protocol later in his life after seeking out an ot to help with concerns. but i would ask a professional their opinion on the brushing technique.

also, a few ideas on colic in case you are a first time mother or first time mother with a colicky baby. with my son we used a combination of things that did help to alleviate the gas pain, the intestinal distress and the constant crying.

hot water bottle for tummy.

chamomile tea in a bottle helped soothe and relax him.

gripe water can really help as well. some pharmacies sell it, but it can be found online for sure.

rubbing magnesium cream on his belly.

giving him a powdered probiotic in tea as well can help.

i don't know if your child is on formula, my son had to be on formula and we ended up switching to a soy based product that didn't have cow's milk protein in it. that helped.

also, if you are breastfeeding, the colic may have something to do with your diet.

good luck. it can be difficult. hopefully you have some help and are getting some sleep. :)

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