College Student with SPD

As a kid I was tortured and made fun of for being too picky with everything. I hated how certain fabrics, usually rough ones and denim, feel and how certain food felt. School supplies was a nightmare with paper and skin when I had dry hands to the point I would gag or clench my teeth in misery. Couldn't take large crowds, I've learned how deal with that, but the first time I went to a crowded, narrow flea market I had a panic attack.

I summed it up to me being spoiled or just picky, but it always seemed negative. I have also been diagnosed with learning disabilities (due to premature birth) and told it went with those. Reading testimonials and discussions has lead me to believe that SPD is true. Everyone has something they don;t like in sensory aspects, but it gets to a point of overloading that makes it hard to function or live daily life.

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