Completing Potty Training For Preschooler With SPD

by Carly

My 4 1/2 yr old daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder and is starting preschool. She was delayed with potty training... couldn't tell when she had to go and couldn't feel when she went in her pants. We have now overcome those obstacles only to come to another.

She has had balance/vestibular issues... most of them have improved except she cannot balance herself on the potty. She has already fallen in and is afraid of sitting on the potty without a potty seat. Her new teacher will not put her potty seat on the adult toilet... she feels that will not help her get ready for kindergarten. My daughter is self-sufficient with the rest of the toilet training process except for the need of the potty seat. She has a meltdown if the seat does not have one or needs a deep pressure hug.

How can I talk to her teacher? How can I help my daughter increase her confidence on adult toilets? Thank you for your help.

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