Concerned for my Nephew

by Melissa Martin

I am worried about my 2 year old nephew, he is an extremely hyper little boy but to calm himself down he curls up in a blanket and smell your feet. It makes me uncomfortable and when you move your feet away my sister says let him smell your feet, I looked over your sensory checklist and this wasn't on there, my son was diagnosed with asd and has some of those sensory disorders listed above but my son and is cousin are like night and day. Mine is extremely calm and has mostly motor sensory.

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Nov 24, 2012
Blanket Habit
by: Keri

My son is 3.5 and is often naked or wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. It's November and I worry about him getting cold, but he says "I love cold!". The more stressful the day, the more he needs his blanket time.

Sometimes I find it embarrassing or frustrating. (Our photo albums are filled with more pictures of a blanket than with my son!)But I think it's important that he's happy and comfortable with in the boundaries of what is socially acceptable. So I think the mom should let him cuddle on the floor and smell her feet...but gusts feet. And slowly work on training him onto a suitable replacement. Like a sock puppet with a strong scent.

Jun 27, 2011
foot fetish
by: Anonymous

the wrapping self in a blanket is common for pressure and soothing and calming. the feet smelling, i'm not so sure of. personally that is not a habit i would want my child to take hold of, nor as a family member support. imagine what that would look like when he's dating and needs to calm down and wants to smell his date's feet. ;) i would look for some type of replacement smell that soothes or is pleasant. or go with another sensory tool all together.

good luck.

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