Concerned Grandmother

by D

Is it possible for a child to only exhibit a few of the symptoms? avoid eye contact, sensitive to smell and sound, unable to sit still very long unless watching TV or video, very unruly in stores. Should I say something to my son and his wife? or should I just butt out? She did ask me if she should have the child tested.... so maybe I could butt in?

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Dec 11, 2009
Read: "Out of Sync Child"
by: Cristen

You might want to read "The Out of Sync Child". If you think it pertains to your grandchild then share it with the mom and dad. My friend did that for me and was the only way I would have known in what direction to go to for help for my daughter. Wish someone had shared this info with me when my daughter was two - it sure isn't going to be the pediatrician.

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