Concerned mom about my 5 yr. old wanting to wear the same pajamas for clothes everday?

by andrea osborne

My son is 5 yrs. old he wants to wear the same pajama outfit all the time, only time I can wash it is when he's in bed-he will even sleep naked if i don't have it ready for him to wear.

If his clothes has tags in them they have to be cut out, doesn't like to be hugged except from his father and I, never want's to go to birthday parties- will not play with other children. doesn't like crowds, wants to stay home a lot, throws a fit if you wash his face,brush his hair and even brush his teeth. really terrified of his dentist, and she is really great with him and he's been going to her since he's been a year old. His shoes are one certain kind-the ones that has no strings in them, the ones that actually are in style and strings are not worn with them.

He can't stand for his hands to be dirty, really freaks out if they get sticky he cannot handle it at all. he's not dealing well with having to start school this year. I'm having a difficult time with this?

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Mar 20, 2022
How did it work out?
by: Anonymous

I’m currently having the same issues with my 5yo son.

How did it work out? Any recommendations?

Feb 23, 2011
only a swim short
by: Karen

I am happy to read that we are not alone. I am living in the Netherlands, Europe.

My son, 12 years old,only wears, 2 swim shorts and 1 old pair sneakers and slippers...that's it. Hair cuts is a no very long hair....fingernails is big issue,the older he gets the more sensitive he gets.

Needs glasses for his eye side but his head and shoulders are the worst zone.....

He is at home, couldn't wear his very over sized t shirt anymore....get school lessons at home..can't go anywhere.

He is at a rehabilitation centre for intensive therapy at the moment but it is very new here so it is just a try out for 3 weeks.

going to read everything on this website and want to start one her in the Netherlands too.

Feb 20, 2011
You just described...
by: Anonymous

my son to a T, except for only 1 pair of pajamas, LOL
He has rules for what he can wear to school, outside in public and in the house!!!
I let him pick, 5 t-shirts (all he will wear)(no tags)LOL
So giving him the control of what he is wearing helped a little.
Tell your son, he has to pick 2 more pairs ,explain softly and calmly "why" HE NEEDS TO CHOOSE, (giving him control) 2 more pairs that he CAN wear to bed while the others get washed.
If not, pick 2 pairs and put a pair on and make him keep them on, I had to do this and when he got over it, I told him, "look youre ok, right?"
And he agrees and then thats one more thing I can get him to wear.
He will not wear the new sneakers, boots, or coat, i bought him for this year, he told me he will be wearing what he has till hes 20! Hes 6 now, lol
So, Im still working on those Items, LOL
BUT, your son will get a little better with the nail cutting and face washing, etc, because my son had ALL of those, NIGHTMARISHLY!!!!!
And I believe because their nervous systems develope more the sensory things get a little less.....
He doesnt LIKE doing these things, but they are SO much more tolerable for him now.
He will be 7 in april, so age does help.....
So look up sister, things will get a little better in those areas in time...
Then he will have new ones, LOL
You will be a stronger better person for it!!!
And dont forget, First...
Prayer, God listens!
Good luck, and God Bless you and your family,:)

Feb 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

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