Concerned mom of SPD 21/2 y.o.

by T
(Alb, NM )

First I want to say this site is very helpful. I refer back to it often. It is helpful to know there are others out there with similar issues as I know of no one personally that deals with this.

My 2 year old son who has been treated for SPD since 18 months has not really had any big differences. Some things have changed- he no longer bits or hits himself but now bite, hits, pushes other kids especially his younger brother-- Major issue..

We have gone through a couple different OT's - one was new and no sensory experience so we no longer have her, his really good one moved away and we now have a new one who seems great, knowledgeable but just dropped a bomb on us stating that he has auditory processing problems and I think she said motor or oral motor processing issues as well. We barely got to talk about it yesterday so now when I look up these issues I see that they can be serious and connected with Autism and ADHD. I dont know what to think and wish I had more information. I am concerned but have to wait until we see her in two weeks. There is a shortage of good OT's and it makes it really hard to get help. I am thinking about going to a private company- not sure if that would be any better but they are so expensive. I was hoping to cut down my hours at work to spend more time with my son but if I go private I may not be able to afford to work less.

I dont know what to do. I dont really have answers and I am getting really worried about him. I feel like this past year has been a waste of time and he has not really made progress or received the help he has needed. They say he is mild but yet they only see him an hour at a time every now and then. They do not see the daily meltdowns, the hard time we have with brushing teeth, getting ready for bed, going to public places, the tantrums, the hard time he has with other kids- playing, sharing, being aggressive, hitting, pinching, pushing, kicking, etc

I love my little guy so much and just want to help him out but I get so frustrated because everyone thinks he is just two and being a boy. He has had many issues since birth. I dont want there to be something wrong with my child but I want to help out whatever is going on to the best of my ability but not sure what else to do.

Any suggestions?

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Aug 06, 2013
You arent alone.. It will get better
by: Connie

My son went through the same thing. I feel your frustration because at that age, I also couldnt find the help I needed. It wasn't until my son was 6 that I put my foot down and told the doctors he was being MISdiagnosed and did research on my own. (Doctor originally diagnosed my son with Oppositional Defiance Disorder)- My son had the melt downs just like yours and had a difficult time following direction. After further professional evaluation, years later, he was finally diagnosed with SPD and ADHD.

I went thru OT when he was 7, which didnt benefit my son either. Paid a LOT of money since insurance didnt cover a dime. And yes, there are a lot of professionals out there (teachers and doctors included) that have NO clue what SPD is..It is beyond frustrating!

My son is now on ADHD meds, which helped tremendously...and I put him in Martial Arts for the balance, coordination and discipline. Dont give up. I had to go through three doctors before finding the right one (who understands SPD) and many activities for my son (because he wanted to quit them all ) before I found something that worked for him.

You will eventually find your treatment plan -- but I'm not going to lie, you are going to have to do a lot of research on your own, and use your own good mom judgement on whats right for your kid. I was where you are now. Frustrated, feeling hopeless, not knowing where to turn... Call around and find out which therapist, doctor has the most experience in SPD to guide you in the right direction.. I made a million phone calls - Good luck!

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