Concerned mom with recently diagnosed 2 1/2 year old with SPD

by Lisa
(Round Lake, IL)

My 2 1/2 year old was recently diagnosed with SPD.

She is in Behavior therapy once a week as well as OT/PT once a week for about the past month.

She has been behaving strangely & Im wondering if its because of the SPD or if theres something else going on that we should be concerned about.

She has meltdowns & tantrums etc but the behavior Im concerned about it her talking to herself.
She constantly talks, all the time. Sometimes she will make complete sense & other times she will say the weirdest things that make me overcome with fear, I think "why did she just say that"
She says things like "the fly can make me fly"

She always asks where someone is at. For instance, a neighbor kid will come & play & then they go home, my daughter will see them go home & even say goodbye to them but then a little while later, she asks where are they at.

She always brings up things that happened so far in the past its like she isnt in the present tense.

She will be looking at me while Im talking to her & then she says "what mommy?" its so weird.
All of her therapists have said she is definitely autistic so what could this be?

Is there some mental disorder that we should be concerned about?

She at one point had an imaginary friend named Dida. She would pull her shirt sleeve off & then say "Dida, dont do that again"
She would tell us "Dida is in my mouth"

She hasn't mentioned DIda in a while thankfully but she just talks about the most random things all the time that make no sense & I just wonder why.

Her OT said she has a great attention span & plays wonderfully but she also noticed there is a little something "off" she just cant put her finger on it.

Everyone tells me its normal that all 2 year olds talk to themselves & have imaginary friends but this just seems a little too "abnormal" to me.
I have tried to call every dr & specialist & noone will see her because she isnt developmentally delayed, even though she has SPD.
She functions fine at preschool its just that Im with her all day every day so I notice everything that she says & does.

She spaces out sometimes & we have to call her name several times to get her attention its the strangest thing.

Her OT recommended maybe she do listening therapy too?

Could this curb these "behaviors" and is this just behavioral or should we be seeking other help?

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Nov 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'll be real honest with you, she doesnt sound that strange to me. She might have a little spd but i would not say autism. she sounds like a pretty good kid just beats to her own drum thats all. Obviously I am not a prof but dont let the prof's convince you everything under the sun is wrong with her either. remember they too need to make a living, including the pharmaceutical companies ...get my drift. Honestly she sounds like a cool, funny, and quirky kid.

Jun 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

i am a mother of a child with spd. in his younger years he did many things you just described in this post. and i agree with the previous post, perhaps give it a little bit more time. i think children are exploring, being creative, learning how to use their imagination, etc. at this young age. keep an eye on the things that give you cause to pause and wonder and question. i knew from a young age that something was a bit different about my son, but in time as it was unfolding and i educated myself as much as i could and talked with people often, i learned what it was and began adressing.

you are her mother, you know things even when others say differently. that's why your a mom and her mom at that. listen to your intuition always, it's a gift. try not to worry too much, let her be little and have fun but file away some of the things you are observing. continue to work with an ot on the things that are challenging for her. she's lucky to have you!

good luck mama!

May 27, 2011
2.5 year old
by: Debbie

I am a retired RN. That does not mean in any way that I am a specialist in child behavior. I am just giving you my first gut reaction to this. Give it some time. She could very well be going through some type of developmental stage that does not indicate a severe mental or emotional problem. I am not saying ignore behavior that you think continues to become more bizarre but some of what you are describing could easily fall into a normal range of behavior. As you observe her you can begin to look for a developmental pediatrician and get some advice. This is not medical advice...just my thoughts.

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