Concerned mom

by Tiffany Davis
(Newark, DE, USA)

My 2 yr old was born with the cord wrapped around his neck.. he has not been diagnosed with anything but there was some delays. He is 2 and although i can understand him its hard for others. he doesnt makes choices, he doesnt like 2 hold food in his hands, his eating habits changed, his urine smells weird. this may be nothing but in my heart it is and i worry. He was bleeding in his brain they dont wanna do another mri because he is so young. Hes very affectionate but very aggressive. i just dont know..

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Nov 09, 2010
Talk to a develomental ped
by: Anonymous

If you want answers and to make sure nothing is going on try and get an appointment with a developmental pediatrician, or if possible contact early intervention within your state. EI will provide free OT and Speech evaluations and then therapy if needed.

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