Concerned Mother

by Ivy

I have a 2yr old who was having tantrums/meltdowns from even before he was one! He was always cranky crying& at times screaming and would fight to go to sleep! His Dad & I would hold him to try to comfort him but his outbursts would only end whenever HE decided to end them! We tried taking him to the doctor, tests were ran to make sure he was not sick or having some other type of medical problem, but everything was normal. Well for the exception that my baby was still having these episodes of nonstop cryn. He didn't like ppl especially strangers! Someone would come up to say hi he would scream his head off I would have to put him by himself to watch his leap frog videos!

When he was a couple months old I began playn educational videos for him while I would get my 9yr old ready for school. These videos became a familiar soothing therapy for him, they were they only thing that would calm him down! At one year old my son had a tantrum that when I did begin to record lasted for half an hour but was actually longer than that. He resists taking naps so he was very tired& wanted to stay outside playn with the water hose but he was getting cold& I also needed to go inside& get dinner ready so when I brought him inside he started throwing a raging fit, he was even hittn his head on the floor& acted as though

he couldn't feel the pain! We tried putting him in the cold shower, which he loves, tried holding him& kissing, we tried the tough love as well but nothing worked he actually fell asleep by leaning over with his head on the floor& his butt up in the air!

When I picked him up to put him on the bed he wanted to start up again& I said to him "baby your so tired u need to go back to sleep and rest, it's ok" then I kissed him gave him his bottle& he went back to sleep. Now my son is 2 as I mentioned above & due to constant exposure to ppl he's not as antisocial as he was but the tantrums are really frustrating & embarrassing! He screams loudly, kicks with such force, shakes his head, hits any object in sight hits himself and ABSOLUTELY nothing we do calms him down until HE decides he's gonna b calm! I don't know what to do he is such a bright kid, he knows his alphabets, recognizes all the letters, knows their sound& will give u an example of a word or more for each sound,counts from 1-20,knows some of the basic shapes, colors, and has even spelled a few two & three letter words! But I am afraid that as smart as he is he can't sit still in a chair and is very stubborn and refuses to accept instructions from anyone; how will he go to school? Will he change before then, what should I do?

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