Concerned Nanna

My grandson is 6 years old. He is an only child. I 'm just wondering about some of his behaviors. I don't know if he is gifted, ADHD, or if he just has some other problem. He actually does something that seems to be inherited in our family. He sucks his tongue as he rubs on his stuffed animal. He likes to rub and touch things that are soft like a throw.

He is very sensitive to noises. He doesn't like to go in bathrooms with the fan or an overhead heater going. He is very very afraid of cats, dogs, and bugs. He is a smart child but has problems focusing sometimes. He has a large vocabulary. He is very sensitive to the feelings of others. I have one daughter(his mom) and she is nothing like this. Just wondering if there is something we should be doing to help him. Thanks for any information you can give.

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