by Celia

Took my daughter to The Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. She plays violin so I knew she'd enjoy that aspect but the additional light/laser/fireworks/spectacle of the whole thing was simply overwhelming, even painful for her to sit thru. We ended up sitting in the hallway where the sound was muted and lights absent! should have thought this thru more carefully!

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Nov 02, 2010
This happened to us too
by: Anonymous

The same thing happened to my daughter when she was thirteen. We thought it would be a pleasant trip to go see the Blue Man Group, but she couldn't even make it fifteen minutes without dissolving into tears and feeling ill. Now we bring earplugs with us so that it helps distance the sound from her.

Dec 06, 2009
by: mo2g

We had a similar issue last summer. My (then) 6yo wanted to go to the park to watch the fireworks show. I said, We can watch them from a friend's house, but, no, she wanted to go to the park. Well, she ended up burying her face in my jacket and crying through the whole thing. To make matters worse, it started to rain and we ended up soaked by the time we walked home.

She did get over it rather quickly.

I have a suggestion for you. You might try earplugs and sunglasses next time. I usually just pick up some earplugs at work (but forgot this year!) They are soft, fit in the ear canal and block out the ear-damaging noises. If your child resists the earplugs, let her try one in and one out and see which is worse--the noise or the plug. Sunglasses might seem odd at night, but if it helps your kid, who cares?

Have you ever seen the comic strip, "Cul de sac"? The little boy named Petey in the strip seems to have SPD. (I'm not sure if the author of the comic strip intended that or not.) That's actually where I got the sunglasses idea. Petey went to the fireworks show w/ sunglasses, earmuffs and a blanket to hide under. :)

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