Confused about SID diagnosis vs PDD diagnosis

by Shannon
(SC )

Our 5.5 year old son was first diagnosed with SID at age 2.5. Six months later he was dx with PDD, autism spectrum disorder. We had little treatment for SID due to no insurance coverage for the dx. However, we have had years of ABA therapy because it is covered. He had success with ABA so much so he tested out of therapy at one point. Our son started kindergarten in the fall. We had autism experts evaluate and initiate treatment with some success.

Recently, he had an OT eval at school and severe SID was the diagnosis. He has many more symptoms that relate to SID than point to PDD. Through research, I do understand that many children have multiple diagnosis and multi-SID dxs. My concern is that PDD treatment is, many times, counterproductive to SID treatment in our case. For example, our son has transitional tantrums. PDD treatment "says" ignore the behavior and it will go away-i.e. "extinguish the behavior." SID treatment indicates to proprioception-i.e. we hold him tightly and create deep pressure. In our case, it usually minimizes the tantrum.

In our area, we have little resources for SID but more for PDD. Our son needs specific therapy for water aversion, fine motor skills and socialization. We are looking at ABA therapy again due to limit resources in our area for OT. My concern is that due to confusing diagnosis and different treatment plans, am I doing more harm than good in ABA therapy rather than focusing on SID treatment-i.e. sensory diet? Because we live in a rural-retirement area, we don't have qualified OTs that understand SID treatment. I have had more success with reading books on SID and implementing my own plan-which concerns me because I'm not am OT. I have never felt in my gut as a mother that my son was PDD. However, I do feel that he is severe SID. Where to go from here? Have others had this issue?

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Jan 02, 2013
Curious 2
by: Anonymous

I am really interested to know the answers to your questions as our 3 year old has recently been diagnosed with ASD and his OT has mentioned that he has lots of SI problems and would need to address these first. My question in addition to those mentioned above is, do all children with ASD also have SID?

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