Confused? Some of this normal?

by Lori
(Minneapolis MN)

My son is 4 1/2 yo. He was colicky for the first 1yr and a half. He is a very loving kid, gives hugs to strangers doesn't have the the fear of them.

He is terrified with certain noises such as fireworks, horns on firetrucks, police, ect, motorcycles, gum popping, ect. He is so terrified he hysterically cries, holds his hands to his ears, his heart beats rapidly, sweats and I have to remove him from the situation.

He can't be talked to rationally about it, he just wants out.He watches fireworks on TV, and makes extremely loud fire truck sounds when he plays.

He hates doctor exam room gloves and bandaides. But he likes stickers.

He hates the dentist but only if I bring him, he did fine with his dad. Same with clipping nails and brushing teeth, he is fine with dad, not me.
He constantly is on the move, won't stop making noises even when eating, jumps like crazy, heavy foot steps. He doesn't like to be quite even when told multiple times.

He often has tantrums with me, not as much with his dad.

But isn't some of this normal for boys? Also normal behavior with dad at times and not with mom?

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