by Amanda Jewell
(Dagsboro, DE)

I've never really thought I had something wrong with me...I noticed my whole life I've had trouble with my left and rights. I've been overly annoyed with the sound of anything in the mouth. I don't like hearing people breathe heavily. I LOVE how stuff outside feels on my feet.. Just random things like that I never thought meant anything.. But recently, I've noticed that when I touch certain fabrics I cringe. I can't stand the sound of web fabrics rubbing together. I have to put a soft blanket over top my comforter because the feeling and sound is awful. So I've been researching if other people have this problem and it all lead me here... So I guess this might be something I suffer from?

OH! I've NEVER been able to look people in the eye for long amounts of time. Even in school, when I wasn't guilty of anything I just couldn't do it.

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