by Nina

When I was a child I had a lot of issues that didn't make sense. Now that I'm grown I've gotten over a couple of things,but realize there's new issues that I've been thinking were OCD. When I was a child such thing as;corduroy pants,pleats,dresses or skirts,turtle necks or closeness to my neck really bother me,sweaters,seams in socks,tags on shirts or pants,half sleeves,the covers and pillow on the bed at night time would have to be perfect before I could go to sleep. Even now I keep my hair short because the feeling on my neck bothers me too much.

I remember the food on my plate couldn't touch or I wouldn't eat that part,I've gotten over that,but now certain smells are super strong and I have to go in another room because I can't stand it,the clothes have to be folded a certain way or dishes washed in a certain order or I'm flipping out.I do find myself washing my hands more often or finding a way to not touch door handles or items a lot of others touch. I've always felt different,I do have socializing issues along with showing sympathy in sad situations or hugging and kissing anyone other than my kids. When I was in 2nd grade I was classified with Attention Deficit Syndrome and also have bad organization skills,focus problems,and memory loss. I just wonder if any of these can be connected due to all the problems along the way I've had over the years.

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