Controlled by the senses

by carlos gamez
(tucson az U.S.)

just as we must be aware of our emotions mind and thoughts we need to also understand how our senses greatly affect our feelings and mind cuz they are all connected. I knew how to control my emotions but i didnt know anything about how my senses affected my emotions and that made it very difficult for me to control my feelings. spd is very real and now that i understand the reasons why is real my life is so much enjoyable. i feel more free and my spd is not a problem anymore. i share it with all the people i meet and many have spd! they say i save their lives! and i know is true cuz when i found out about spd my life made sense and it explain a lot! understanding spd is a blessing!!

we must understand our senses cuz they affect our entire body and mind. otherwise the senses, emotions and the fear of the mind and body will control you but remember that desire only creates more fear. Every person has a problem with spd is just that some have it more extreme or with a combination of another problem of the brain.

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