Cooking together!

by sabrina

My son was living on Milk only when he was 2 yrs old and gradually we started cooking together in the kitchen, light and mild food... like tiny burgers with little chopped parsley , little cumin and little ground pepper and little ginger, little bit of grated onions( a pinch) and sweet paprika. mixed the whole thing together and make tiny small burgers and stir fry them with oil. I let him participate in mixing for example and hold his hand to stir fry them . he must be hungry with no food for 2.5 hrs at least or 3 hrs( u could give him a juice only if he asks for food or glass of milk), then he would like to attempt to try the taste the food he cooked with you. especially my son is very particular about the smell and texture and meat without herbs, does smell!

Then after that after 2 weeks I took him To Gourmet Burgers restaurant and ordered Burger meat patte medium to well done with sea salt on top. he refuse eating it at first, but he was hungry and have explained to him that the burger tastes similar to our home burgers and cut it for him to small pieces and start feeding him slowly while talking about something he likes until he finished all of it with some chips. next time, i didn't have to feed him, he was keen to eat it on his own...

i will tell you more about my story next week... because my son can eat 6 dishes now!...

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Oct 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hello Sabrina Thank you! Your tips are very useful for us who have children with SPD have feeding problems. We wait for the following post. Thanks again.

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