Correct Diagnosis

by Lynnette
(Palm Coast, FL, USA)

I live in Florida and am not a kid, but this has been the only thing I have read that describes me accurately.-When I was a kid... they called me "shy." I could never stand loud noises, extreme tastes, bright lights, etc... and I have had to live this way. One doctor said post Trauma, one said sleep disorder/depression/anxiety/social phobia, etc...I have had TOO many wrong labels, but this is the first I have heard of this Sensory Processing Disorder and at 48, it seems to be the only thing I feel fits and it is a relief to finally see it!

I was told once I was an adult maybe it's Aspergers. The fact is... they could not fit me into one thing, so they kept using other labels so THEY could feel better? I was on disability a while, but then stopped. It meant they wanted me on meds. That never worked and I decided my health was more important than their "hit and miss" approach.

I wonder... do you know somewhere in Northern/Eastern Florida as an adult I could finally get a correct diagnosis? It really IS the only thing in 48 years I have seen that describes me. It would be a relief to find a doctor that can help.

It feels like , for the first time, a diagnoses that fits like a glove. everything here just..fits.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

Lynnette A. Perry

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