Could my daughter have SPD?

by KC

I have a 5 year old daughter who has been "hard" since birth. After reading this I wonder if she has SPD? How do I find out for sure or get diagnosed? She has been kicked out of 3 daycares from age 2-5, including one last week... It's been very hard on me, very stressful. So I feel for all of you. And it's true people just label you and your child as a "bad". I have been told my daughters behavior is "disturbing". This is not easy.

I take her to counseling once a week for about a year now. The counselor diagnosed her with GAD, general anxiety disorder and minor OCD that stems when stressed. My daughter is also on an IEP in Kindergarten for social and fine motor and the OT says "possible" sensory. The OT plans on getting my daughter tools to use in class to keep her hands/body busy in circle time without bothering those around her. She has been aggressive towards other children at daycare/schools but it doesn't happen when she is with me, example parks, mall, kids club I see no aggression.

So this makes me think she doesn't have SPD, because it doesn't happen all the time? She seems to not really have friends at school, plays alone. On the other hand I sat in her class and she hugged another little girl and they seem to have connected. But she can easily become aggressive if someone takes a toy but she also does mean things first, she has

been labeled a bully. She taunts/mocks/mimics others at times.

Last week she pulled another girls hair and the bus driver had to pull over. I asked my daughter why she did this and she said "the girl had weird hair and she wanted to feel it but didn't pull it? She has a hard time focusing or staying on task and is easily distracted. She has improved with transition for the most part. It used to be a major event to stop her from coloring at daycare, so we could go home. The counselor said that was mostly from the ocd and the solution was tell her we are leaving in 5 min, set a timer if needed. They did allot of transition therapy and she now she rarely has issues.

In the past I could never take her to the store, it was the worst experience ever! It's still hard at times, but I must admit it has improved. I have her on omega 3 which I swear have helped! Also I give her healthy/organic multi vitamin, kids probiotic, Juice Plus (Whole food supplement) and am started her on kids theanine today which helps anxiety. Theanine is natural amino acid. Amino's are very important and help neurotransmitters. I never give her synthetic sugars or anything with red dye. It makes her crazy! My daughter seems to have improved over the years, slowly... but still struggles emotionally, socially and with focus.

Anyhow I am learning allot reading everyone's stories. Anyone change diet or add supplements and see an improvement?

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