by Shudeepta
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

I am concerned about my seventeen month old son's behavior. I believe he is displaying signs of sensory processing disorder. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Behavior of Concern at seventeen months:

1) Wakes up every half to two hours throughout the night. (Refuses to sleep on the bed/crib, insists being rocked)

2) Very afraid of loud sounds such as vacuum cleaner, blender, hand dryer.. etc.

3) Does not eat well. Does not like many food, for example: breads, pastas, egg

4) Sensitive to certain textures. For example: grass, sand, wet cloth/paper towel (does not want to touch)

5) Loves watching spinning objects and or spinning small things (not a lot; used to be much worse).

6) Loves wheels and circles

7) Feels the need to close doors.

8) Does not want to be covered with sheets/blankets

9) Always on the go.

10) Does not really play with toys a lot but he will push cars and play with balls and household items.

11) Cannot sit still to eat or play with a toy that requires concentration.

12) Easily frustrated/loses interest in the toy.

Behavior as an infant:

13) As an infant cried a lot; did not want to be held; arched back.

14) Was really afraid of crowded places;extreme stranger anxiety.

He has been on acid reflux meds since infancy.

Otherwise, he is saying more than ten words although pronunciation is not clear or sometimes they become word approximations. Interacts well with adults. Approaches other kids; wants to play with them. He does seem shy though at first.

Please let me know if any one of the above signs indicate SPD.


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