Could this be what is wrong with my daughter???

by Raszuana

My daughter is 17 months old. Ever since she has been able to crawl practically i noticed something a little different in her.. She has always been "ahead" for her age, reaching her milestones usually a month ahead for her age, or at least right on time.. Once she started walking and stuff i really started noticing more and more things about her. Usually people that dont really know her, or know how toddlers her age act they think she is perfectly normal, but everyone that has "been around" her for a long period of time or anything realize something is different. Here is some things i have noticed....

*when she was really little she would never sleep in her crib, only in her swing or her vibrating bouncer
*She has never wanted me to cuddle with her ever since a few months old
*she will not sit still on your lap even for only a half a minute or so unless she is sick
*she hates being hugged or cuddled
*She never wants to sit down to eat, she always manages to squeeze out or her "seat belt in the high chair" and stand up, she pretty much refuses to sit down.
*she hates the textures of some foods like eggs especially, she will cry if she takes a bite of them
*she is very hesitant to try new foods
*She climbs on everything and anything, right to the edge, and even falls off sometimes, or throws

herself off before i can get to her, and laughs about it.
*she screams in a very mean sounding almost growl like voice when she is mad
*it is almost impossible to change her diaper, dress her, or give her a bath, even washing her hands and face is a huge task.
*she shakes her head back and forth really fast while screaming at random times..
*She rarely plays with toys, and she has a lot of really cool ones too, she is only interested in them for a few seconds or minutes sometimes then is done.
*She loves being held upside down for a few seconds, and will keep bugging you for a longgg time to keep doing it, she loves anything where she feels like shes upside own, or doing a somersault
*hates face washed, screams every time excessively
*Hates toenails/fingernails clipped
*Almost impossible to brush her teeth
*Sometimes she will bite herself and be screaming while she is doing it and just keep doing it, or bang her head on the wall repeatedly and laugh
*She rocks back and forth sometimes even when music isn't playing

She is really smart, she uses a ton of words, even short sentences, she can tell us what she wants usually, and will repeat practically anything, she has a very good memory, and loves repeating things, like words like meow meow or stuff like that... any help or opinions would be great!!! thank you very much.. my email is

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Jan 14, 2010
Thnks for the comment
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much about commenting about my daughter. I did get in touch with an early on group, did a referral, and they are going to be coming out to do an evaluation on her this coming week :)

Jan 12, 2010
Could this be what is wrong with my daughter???
by: Kristal

Your daughter sounds EXACTLY like my daughter at that age. She is now 6 1/2. She was a difficult baby to say the least. She is very intelligent and has always been advanced for her age. She was 4 when she was diagnosed with SPD. Unfortunately, not alot of pediatricians know much about it. She is a great 6 year old. You can tell she has to work at overcoming alot of her fears and issues, but she does very well. We know not to push her, and typically can work things out on her own. She is still a really picky eater. She is very particular about her clothes, socks, shoes, coats and she refuses to wear gloves and hats. Talk to your pediatrician, they may recommend OT (occupational therapy) for her depending on how bad they think the SPD is. Good luck! Also, I highly recommend reading "The Out-Of-Sync Child". It is an excellent book on SPD.

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