Craig nicholson

by Craig nicholson

In reading some of your articles I unfortunately come to the startling realization that I have all and sundry of yhe different disorders that are mentioned. After telling my story no one shows real interest to hear any further.

I was diagnosed with ADHD although I have known all my life that most people respond negatively to me but strangle there are always remain very close friends.

I have been going from one school to another not because I did not get along with people but because my high level of creativity and showing initiative coupled with a unique ability to solve problems that usually will take a lot of manpower to make it work to finding solutions how it can be done quickly and very effectively. This characteristic of mine to continuously change the environment within I work is what has caused much of the desent with others. Although I eventually to get buy-in they remain wary of the person as what I accomplish is never consistent to what they see.

Even when an over abundance of task is given to proof the existence of the problem they see on the outside, completing of tasks always happened. When others don't do what they are task to do or their are task that remain unaddressed I will jump and do them in spite of all the other tasks I do.

SO here is where the relationship between me and the senior staff becomes strained. They see my action as being a show-off or pushing for advancement Although they don't see me in any other role than thd one they want me to fulfilled.

Yes I gave been bullied from as way back as i can remember. I have broken every toy to see how it either works or to see what it takes to make it break.

When i was 2 broke a porcelain doll that fell on me and left me in shock.
When i was 4 I ran over the road and a bicycle ran over me.
When I was 6 I fell flat on face with no hands protecting me. concussion and a broken nose. three years later ran into a very big and visible pillar and broke front tooth.
multiple accidents with a bicycle that with a little bit of sense could have been avoided.
Frustration at being pushed around got me my Jaw broken and seeing that I had to have Briants disc replacements between C5 and C6 could have from that hit.
I Had a cracked humerus joint when z running and losing my footing.
I had my cheekbone crushed by a cricket ball in two places.

My attention span had no span at all and the world outside did not matter. KepT myself amused with pots and pan.

Moat shocking flatten the budgy that look like a bug to be squashed.

So yes I can honestly say that there is no doubt I have and still have all the symptoms.

Here is the problem. Inspite of s low self esteem, not always able to get a message across so that all can understand it. I lispeled as a child and mumble quite often do I had to take care when I spoke. No self confidence and with some annoying ticks as well, I got myself with no help or medication appointed as a principal to start and manage a brand new school.

SO after being attacked by a child after management override your decision to help the child, have a panic attack from he'll, go to a psychiatric clinic to ask

why, to be confirm what you always knew and tried very hard to conquer that you have severe Adhd but among other clear also the rest.

After taking the first 54 mg of Concerta my ticks disappeared but know my clenching of teeth appeared. Pain on my neck and shoulders vanishes and my sniffing stops as well as my post nasal drip for the last 40 years or so. My writing and thinking ability skyrocketed together with my concentration and listening skills. My overall neatness on self and my environment did a 180 degree turn around.

So did my life improved. On the contrary the fact that old habits take a bit of time people recognised my symptoms and used it against me to Save themselves from being exposed as not really in the school for the learners that they suppose to help.

As a person who have studied how to become a leader it was imported to know how other people see you as. Knowing that I was diagnosed scared then so that after many attempts to make me lose my temper in pure frustration they did everything they could to rattle me. As a certified maxwell coach and speaker I knew how to cope what they threw at me. The one thing I did not bargain on was to use my disability as the bargaining chip to have me removed from office which they did.

Now six month later they are still keeping me on leave with no evidence that I am not able to do the work. The lack of support from them not being taken into account.

Still on leave for the next 3 months with maybe a medical discharge planned.

AT moment I am using every skill I have learnt to stay focus, to engage as many dpecialist all over the world to build up a reputation as to have influence with policy makers to protect others from befalling the same fate. So far their is far to many errors of judgment from the perpetrators side that they rill eventually have to give up in their quest or that is what I a hoping for.

My goal will be to teach leaders to not only trained the leaders that are obvious but to develop everybody simultanuosly to unearthe the hidden leadership talents of those that no one ever sees but can be grateful asset to your business if they are treated well.

I am not aware if this is known but sll effects of the medications is nullified if the people around such a person remains the same or even worsen. The medication mag bring about visible changes within a protected environment but any further verbal and mental abuse will reinstate the old old belief system of no self worth.

This is what I am experiencing despite continuously and consistently taking my medication. Involving the patients family making the diagnosis, practitioners are yet to pay attention to the outside triggers that reduces the effectiveness of the medication.

So now I am jobless on full pay until they can decide how able am I to my job. Based ony symptoms I don't see them allowing me back as they fear what they they haven't seen me display in the discharge of my duties. All it takes is a little more time to do the tadk because I still value the time I can spend with people to add value to them.

SO THIS IS MY STORY THAT NO ONE WANTS TO BELIEVE. successful without medication and a hopeless disaster with the medication.


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