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by Craig Walker
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Cold Day At The Beach

Cold Day At The Beach

Yes, it most definitely is real. My daughter has it. Here's a history and list of the problems she has (co-morbidity):

* Was a "Preemie"
* Stopped breathing for a short period of time after birth
* Has Duane's Retraction Syndrome - 6th crainial nerve not properly developed "Neurological"
* Has poorly developed neurological signals between the brain and the bladder that causes enuresis (urinary incontinence) and is prone to bladder infections. She was hospitalized for 4 days with pyelonephritis (kidney infection) due to this.
* Is currently being treated for anxiety and depression.

Excerpt from Psychological Assessment. "Was found to be experiencing considerable psychological distress, but most compelling was signs and symptoms of profound sensory-integration problems."

Funny how a doctor made a diagnosis regarding her poorly developed neurological signals between the brain and the bladder without any testing and, yet, refuses to make a similar diagnosis for SPD.

Sensory Avoiding Characterisics

* M.'s "Fight or Flight" incidents are well-known at the school.
* M. can have problems in busy environments and hides in closets, dark places and under beds when stressed.
* M. is extremely ticklish and reacts strongly to light touch
* M. does fear heights and some types of movements; elevator, roller-coaster
* M. can be a very picky eater and does not like to try new foods.

M.'s Sensory-Seeking Characteristics:

* When M. is excited, she is very impulsive, loud and virtually unstoppable.
* M. will bang items on the table

incessantly. The louder, the better!!
* M. will dance and twirl for long periods of time.
* When M. is excited, she seems immune to cold temperatures.

M.'s Motor Skill Related Problems:

* M.'s Fine motor skills are poorly developed "has trouble writing quickly and will spend extra time trying to make it perfect" not helpful during timed-test taking
* M. has problems with planning and carrying out movements
* M. has difficulty forming plans and in goal setting
* M. has low muscle tone is awkward, clumsy and fatigues easily
* M. frustrates easily and compensates by trying to over-control what is going on around her

Emotional/Other Impacts of SPD for Marissa:

* M. is currently being treated for anxiety/depression
* M. is being labeled at school. "M. is going to have to learn to wait her turn" has been the response to her expressed concerns about not being able to ask questions about assignments
* M. feels socially isolated by peers and suffers from low self-esteem

My little girl doesn't smile as much as she used to. She's had that beaten out of her due to a lack of understanding, a lack of awareness and a lack of affordable and proper treatment. If you are a medical doctor and you still disagree - shame on you for violating the Hippocratic Oath! Ignorance and denial are harming these wonderful children. Get educated - spend some real time with these children and you will open you eyes!

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May 04, 2015
thanks for sharing.
by: Anonymous

nice to see

Apr 17, 2012
Duanes & sensory
by: Anonymous

My 7 yr old daughter has duanes retraction and sensory , co-ordination problems she also has learning disabilities....i too believe this are linked but I fear that I won't be listened to should I approach my g.p for further research into a more in depth diagnosis

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