Creative Avoidance

by Tonya Hobbs
(Johnson City, TN)

My five year old son Will has learned to be very creative in order to avoid trying new foods and beverages which frequently result in him gagging and vomiting. We were having dinner with my mother one night and she poured herself a cup of 7 Up from a can. Will was watching her and glancing at me while waiting for the question he has come to expect when there is something new or different at the table. His granny then asked him the dreaded question while she held up the can, "Will would you like to try some, it is really good?" He grinned and replied, "No thank you I'm not old enough. The label says for ages 7 and up. It must have too much caffeine."

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Apr 24, 2010
Too funny.............
by: Anonymous

Yes, my newly turned 6 yr. old son with aspergers is the same. Actually, today he turned 6!
He started cutting out foods again.

When i told him if he didnt eat some more, we would have to go back to the feeding clinic
He said (When he was five)
"They went out of business"
Hes told me hes allergic to stuff, LOL
Or, he'll die if he eats it!

I read an article, a young man wrote, who himself had oral sensory issues, and he said,
Stop pushing your child, eventually he will increase his diet. He said he eats almost anything now.

I know the more i push and worry, the less he eats, so im backing off

I took him to the Dr. and hes 50 percentile for everything physically, i give him liquid vitamins and fish oil.

So, try not to get too nuts, i understand as im an Italian food pusher, everybodys GOTTA EAT!!!
Good luck, hang in there, and God Bless you and your family!!! Kim

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