Creator of RelaxaBaby ApP

by Donald O'Brien
(Huntington Beach, CA)

My RelaxaBaby app vibrations will cure any of these SPD's in any baby or child. Progress will be obvious in less than a week.

Try to prove me wrong. Try it on the worse cases you can find, including those with severe autism. Each baby or child will love you for trying. And you will love seeing their quick progress.

Use the vibes every night for a week to help your little one sleep better, and watch their whatever behavior problems disappear as a result of uninterrupted REM sleep. Don't believe me? They will sleep relaxed through the night. And be more aware during the day.

See RelaxaBaby's Facebook page for more info and how to properly apply these free specialized vibes. Please share your results, so other sensory deprived little ones can benefit from Your sensory feedback.

For anyone concerned, the FDA designates these vibrations as harmlessly therapeutic. Try them on yourself first, and see why. (A more complex device version, needed for adults, is in final development.)

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