Curious pre-school teacher

by Erin
(Roseburg, OR Douglas)

I came to this site curious about whether it could offer me some insight about a child in my class. What I found was info about my 8yr old daughter who we all thought was ADHD. She may very well be, however that diagnoses didn't answer the ???'s we had about her sensory.

Constantly eating, chewing, putting everything in her mouth, constantly moving and making noises most of the time for no reason. It all makes so much sense now. I just need to find the correct resources to help offer what she needs. Thank you for turning on the light-bulb above my head. I have a friend who could use this checklist, and I will refer her.

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Jan 22, 2009
Pre-K back at ya!
by: Anonymous

Erin: I'm not sure whether you've seen my recommendation for a book called "Sensory Secrets - How to Jump Start Learning in Children" or not. You can find it on Amazon and it's about 16.00 new. It's a great easy read for teachers and parents.....I showed it to the O.T. that I work with and she was thrilled w/ it. I have ordered her a book and the checklist as well. In the back of the book is a hierarchy of 7 stages of SPD from the ground up and is quite easy to understand, administer, and it gives fabulous info on the stages and development.

I'm seeing SO many sensory issues in my at risk pre-k classroom.... at least 50% I'd say. And we have several children who display attachment disorder in our program who "scream" "I have sensory issues" and we need so much help w/ these issues. It's affecting every single thing of our daily routine. Some of my kiddos this year have some of the same sensory problems as my little guy who has an autism diagnosis.... sad, but true.

I have 4 kids who need to spin, several w/ texture issues, 3 kids who like to put their ear to the speaker of the boom box w/ music, 2 OCD children who have things going on, etc. So, we classroom teachers need support and understanding on what's going on in our classrooms.

Best wishes w/ your family and your situation...... I have found that the more I read and advocate for my little guys, the more I'm finding that all teachers are dealing w/ these issues... Administrators need to be tuning in to this info as well, and maybe there would be more understanding and not so many suspensions, kids sent home, detentions, etc.

Our school district is involved with PBIS and RTI - are you familiar with these interventions? Behaviors are so out there that they get in the way w/ the learning. Our state has recognized that and districts are required to have a behavior plan in place for positive interventions. It's helping in our elementary building alot already.

Hang in there! You can do it! Sue (IL)

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