Dairy and sleep

by monika
(new york, NY)

my little owl

my little owl


my little girl is 2 years old and i have never met another child like her.
she never sleeps and is unable to self soothe or fall asleep on her own.
she has been diagnosed with spd two weeks ago and is starting therapy next week.

my story is long and i wont get into the detail of how i have come to where i am today. I will simply share what has made our lives livable again and has kept me from entering a clinic from sleep deprivation/depression
no dairy-i cut out all milk- suggestion from a homeopathic doctor- i no longer give cow milk but almond and coconut, this created significant improvement. She does not wake up all night long now. Kids with SPD have very sensitive stomachs and dairy upset the belly and keeps them up with cramps and gas. I seriously noticed a huge improvement.

no processed food- only natural foods like fruit/soup/etc.
gluten free was suggested but i have not fully committed to that, the diet has to be followed 100% or is not at all effective- 99.9 is like not doing it at all
oxygen- lots of oxygen during day and prior to going to sleep- fresh air/taking child out for walk, letting child walk
sensory stimulation prior to bed time - this will calm child and make child feel a bit more comfortable
tight hold- i use a baby carrier since my daughter grew out of the moby wrap. i use one that holds baby up to 40 pounds and walk with her up and down her room while gently bouncing her and singing to her- works really well.
i also got a swing from ikea that is like a bubble and swing her in it when the glider fails- bottom line- motion really calms her and helps her sleep.
that is the best advise i have that has helped us out in getting her to sleep and helping her stay asleep.

Hope you use some of this info so that other mom's can try it out.
Thank you

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