Daniels SPD story

by summer martin
(belleville,il, st.clair county)

daniel william

daniel william

My son Daniel is a wonderful 3yr old boy. I knew from about the time he was 3 months old that something wasn't right. He wanted to be held all the time and would cry when he was put down. He would only sleep when he had his hands in my hair and still to this day is the only way he will go to sleep...

He has been having OT for a year and was told he had sensory processing but I didn't believe it. I thought he had autism as well. I took him to a specialist last week and was in for a rude awaking... he does not have autism, but he is borderline autistic and he has sensory processing disorder 100%. So he is done with early intervention now and will be in school getting OT. However, the specialist didn't think that would be enough OT. So now he will be getting private OT along with the school OT, so Im hoping maybe his behavior will settle down..

I love my son but he does some of the weirdest things like pouring soda on the table and putting his hands in it or putting his hands in his cups and things like that.. Im hoping with all the OT and me working with him at home that he can go on to live a normal life the way he should..

Sometimes I still ask my self what I did wrong... why did this happen to my child? but then I think about what if I didn't even get Daniel, as he is a very special child and I wouldn't trade him for the world now...

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