Daughter 17, highly emotional SPD

by Sandy Pointe

Annie is my youngest. Her BF/sister is 27, newly engaged, and getting married in 10 months. Her chum/ 21 year old brother took a job away from home and is now gone weeks at a time. Her childhood friend dumped her, and her only other friend has also moved on. Annie feels like her world is falling apart. Her emotions are on edge. She cries and/or rages everyday.

At lot of recent changes in her life:  Annie has begun a new part- time job 20 miles from home, and needs to get her driver's license to continue it. She will be starting college in the fall, and needs to improve her ACT scores to apply for a scholarship. She hopes to become a Veternarian.

She owns, loves, and rides a horse that she spends a great deal of time riding. She frequently worries and stresses about her horses health, care, and other needs. 

Annie does not sleep well, is a picky eater, can not stand certain sounds, is moody, bossy, demanding, and resists new social activities. She is perfectionist when she tries, but often gives up and refuses to continue chores she used to insist had to be perfectly done.

She has a very low tolerance level, is intensely possessive of her siblings, unwilling to share them with others. She becomes very angry at the changes in their lives, refuses to show respect for their decisions, or be gracious toward them.

How can I help her?

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