Daughter, 6, a month of OT so far, but going great!

by Sandi

She is afraid of anything "messy" and is extremely picky about foods - she wants "perfect" food - no little dark pieces, no small spice showing on cheese pizza (when she eats it), no little gristle thing in chicken nuggets. No tiny little peel showing on apple slices.

She has been going to OT for several weeks now(I have a great therapist!!) and the other day she put red finger paint over one whole palm and made a hand print without much problem at all! (She was crying over one spot of finger paint on her hand the first time.)

OT works - but I am also starting her with some psych therapy. She has MUCH difficulty feeling sympathy or understanding others points of view. To me she seems so selfish, but I know it has to do with her sensory issues. She loves to be "bossy" and the kids don't like it. I think she is trying to help, though, and doesn't understand that it is HOW you say something.

Anyway, she is not a severe as many of your children, but it has always bothered me about the eating and food (fear?). She eats enough, just not different foods.

She was very sensitive to noise and sunlight as a baby, and we had trouble even back with the baby foods. We distracted her with cartoons to get her to eat the baby food for a year or more.

I could go on and on with little things... tags in clothes sometimes bother her, tight socks (not the seams), tight shoes (she likes rounded toe sneakers), and her school experience is starting to suffer (1st grade). She has trouble keeping friends or having anyone want to play with her because of the bossy-ness. It makes me sad but glad I have figured out the issues and am getting help!

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