Dawn ASD parapro mother of 2 SPD sons (adopted)

by Dawn

With our 12 year old, I follow his lead, since he seems to know what he needs.,he will dig around for tight clothing, chew very big wads of gum. I also make a game of run-around. We time him and ask him to run around the house 4 times..he tries to beat his best time..Since he also has adhd and organizational issues, I try to put things as visual as possible. he can follow color coded schedules, and I always remind him that I am going to "check out the situation" before he goes into a public situation so as to prepare himself for the upcoming environment, be in crowed loud, too hot, stuffy, silent like church, etc...

We are seeking outside O.T. for the 3 year old, and still figuring him out. He is having a tough time potty training, and lots of transition problems, however he has good communication skills, and good attachment. He is very susceptible to over stimulation off of the older boy. He uses visually engaging games like Nintndo to calm, and sometimes head-set to block out stimulation. I think he is mildly affected, and will be okay, he is just slower with maturation of his sensory system. Since both have adverse pasts, and ambiguous pre-natal experiences, It's a crap shoot to try to diagnose every issue. WE keep educating ourselves on brain development and trauma, and we pray. ALOT.

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