by michael
(Thailand/ Nevada)

Hi... I am 55, like Gwen whose post so resonated with me. I have been a jumping and contorting daydreamer my whole life and was beginning to think I might be the only one!!

I have spent hundreds of hours researching my condition and this is the first time I have recognized my condition in the posts of others.

I spend hours having vivid daydreams and jumping up and down and shaking my hands and always have.

In situations where its inappropriate, like work, I sort of manage to control it but when a daydream comes along I get facial contortions and bite by hand instead of jumping. I know this is not cool but I am powerless.

After all the research I have done I am pretty sure I am not bipolar, ADD or psychotic.Nor do I believe I am an Aspie.

I am new to this site and I am hopeful I will be able to connect with others with this condition.

I cannot find a discussion board like on reddit ( yes I am a member of maladaptive daydreaming but there isn`t really anyone exactly like me on there).

This is the first time I have found anywhere where my symptoms are exactly the same as others.

Am I allowed to put my email up?? How do we connect with one another?


Michael Luck

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