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This is the story of my son. He will be 3 soon and I as his mother knew from the start of his first year that something just wasn't right.

He struggled with talking and his behaviors would come and go. Even though most people... mostly family said that it was normal, I knew it wasn't. He would be calm one minute and jump around the next with no control over his behavior. I had people telling me that I needed to discipline... that I wasn't being a parent and needed to nip it in the butt now before he got older. Well, I tried to explain it to them and they always said that I could do something about it.

My son hated:

- to get dirty

- loud noises

- large crowds... distance himself from other children his age

- socks he would wear for while but would take them off at the first chance

- pain was not an issue for him. Shots, IV's and wasp stings just never phased him.

- was smart... but couldn't sit still long enough to learn anything. He knew how to count to 10,put puzzles together by the time he was 2 but refused to sit still to learn anything from a book. Could give you the right directions to his grandparents house by the time he was 2and half... by pointing but not talking.

- LOVED anything that bounced... bed, couch, bouncy ball. Usually wanted this when it was time for a nap to "calm" him down. This was his calming method.

I could go on with a list of quarks that my child has but these are some to name. I am struggling now with getting info. On how to deal with all of this. My mind is exhausted from researching and trying to educate myself so I can educate my friends and family when I am told to parent my child. I found this site and I am trying to read everyones story so I can relate and learn. I am there and I know that this is a long journey ahead of me and reading your story gives me hope.

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Aug 17, 2008
by: Anonymous

Hi. I'm a mom all the way from Manila, Philippines with a 3 year old son with SPD. He is a sensory-seeker, meaning he wants to be touched and wants to touch everything all the time. This causes him to be hyperactive and unable to focus. Just like your child, my son loves to bounce around to calm himself. He also talked late. He started consistently verbalizing single words by 2 years and 5 mos. By 2 years 9 months he could only talk in single words.

We started occupational therapy at 2 years 10 months and because he has his regular "sensory diet" now, meaning daily activities to help him with his senses, he now talks in phrases and simple sentences. He was also taught in therapy how to focus and tune-out stimuli in the environment that usually distract him. He just turned 3 last July and the change is quite impressive. He can now sit through a haircut, and sit and wait when told. It is still quite challenging since he still gets overstimulated at times.

Thankfully, our doctor has informed us that he is expected to be mainstreamed in a regular school by 7 years old. Although we are oceans apart I feel your pain and am at the same time thankful to know that I am not alone. Thank you for sharing your story. Sincerely, MANILA MOM

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