by Dee

I'm 43 and this is getting worse....It started about 10 years ago with not being able to iron with dry hands but now I can't bear to walk on carpets with bare feet!! When my hands & feet are cold & dry it actually makes me feel sick. I can't bath anymore as the thought of touching a dry towel after a nice long soak (which I used to enjoy every now and again) when my hands & feet dry out, just sends me goosebumps & tingling and I have to switch off from it. If any of my kids are playing on the floor and rub the carpet I have to leave the room or get them to stop. I actually get tingling in my fingertips just thinking about it.

Paper is becoming a problem and touching wooden handled utensils is a nightmare. Plastic, metal & glass are all fine. I've told my hubby & close family but they just can't get their heads round it so it's nice to know reading all these comments that I'm not alone! Hopefully & maybe in time it will pass but I'm somewhat doubtful :-( I too have been in situations where I have needed to lick my hands if I've had no lotions available. Getting in the car is a awful as I hate the feel of the fabric.

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