by Yvonne Murphy
(Cantonment, FL)

We are in the process of getting evaluated and starting Speech and Occupational Therapy soon. So we are very new at this.

My question is... My son just turned 5 yrs. old. We will visiting the dentist. Last time, it was nightmare. Well, we have an appt. coming up before the therapy. I have been trying to prepare him for this visit. Is there anything I can do so he can get a routine cleaning.

I would appreciate some feedback.

Thank you

The SPD Help Line Answers...

Yes, in fact there are things you can do to help him! I wrote an article specifically about this. Here is the link... Oral Defensiveness: Making Dentist Visits More Tolerable.

I am very glad you will be starting therapy soon... that will also help!! Meanwhile, try the suggested strategies in the article metioned above. Also, did you receive my February newsletter? It was about social stories and SPD. If not, you can read it here... Social Stories And SPD. There are ones you can get about going to the dentist. You would have to get them soon, or get them and postpone the cleaning until after you do the stories and/or start some therapy. That might be a better option. Getting some strategies down and therapy under your belt first, THEN going for another cleaning. See what you think after reading these articles.

Hope this helps.

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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