Depression and SPD

by Lisa
(Carbondale, CO)

My son has SPD and has been on medication for anxiety/depression because his sensory has been so significant. If finally resulted in depression. It comes out in anger. He is 8 years old. Are there any books that can help us with this?

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Oct 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

I wonder if I will be facing this, too, in the future with my two children.

Any disabilty can cause people to lose hope and feel depressed. I think having an understanding parent really helps a child, especially when the problem is as complex as SPD. My 6 year old son gets angry now, too; I think part of my plan is to help him identify how he is feeling ("this smells bad", "I don't like being in a room with all these people") and empowering the child to overcome some issues.

My son may never like food- the textures, tastes and smells are too much for him- and he has learned to say, "No thank you" when people push food on him ("Have this cookie! Have pizza, don't you like pizza like other children? !!! ) I think he is proud that no one will force him to do something he cannot, yet. A caring teacher offered him chocolate pudding during a party and he came home raving how he likes chocolate pudding, and why hadn't I made any for him.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that depressing and SPD are not easy. Find others with similar problems so you know you are not alone.

My cousin wishes she had started her daughters seeing a kind psychologist before they were 12 and 13. They have severe SPD- she felt that when they could talk to an unbiased adult, they felt better emotionally. Professional help may, in fact, help.
Take care.

Sep 25, 2010
me too
by: hopeful

I am 47, have been dealing with depression for most of my adult life. I have many sensory issues and it recently occurred to me that they might be related. I have not found anything written about it, but I am looking. I am not sure I can get insurance to pay for an OT but I plan to try. It seems as this is an emerging field an maybe soon we will know more about the extent of the effects SPD has on society, and how to help everyone.

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