Desperate For Advice

by Dana

I have a 3 1/2 year old step son that was premature. The entire family blames the premature for is behavior. For the most part, they are in denial that something is wrong with him. I have tried talking to them and they don't want to listen. I'm afraid if he doesn't get help SOON, it will be too late.

He has been removed from 3 daycares because of his violent behaviors. He is very violent when he doesn’t get his way, he will grab your face and tear his fingernails into skin until you bleed. He pitches bites and hits and has no remorse. Even after punishment (time out) he will go right back and bite again.

He isn't a picky eater; he wants to eat all the time. He refuses to use utensils, he will only eat with his hands, if we make him eat with a spoon or fork he will pull food out of his mouth and feel it then will put it back in. extremely messy eater and often throws his food.

He loves to be outside and throws a fit and becomes violent when you bring him in. He never slows down and can't pay attention for more than a few minutes. Even when he plays he is always changing what he is doing. He is violent with other kids, animals and himself. We can't take him anywhere.

He knows how to use the bathroom and knows when he needs to go, but refuses to use toilet. He tells you he needs to go then goes and hides somewhere and utilizes his diaper only.

He loves to play with my son, but wants to play rough and wants to play football and tackle. We constantly have to watch him or he will get violent and try to hit, bite, pitch or throw objects. He loves to take baths and seems to be ONE of the few things he can do and stay continent at for more than a few minutes.

I can go on and on.. I'm desperate for advice and need solution (treatment, medication and how to cope)

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