Diagnosed as a child, just found out as a college student.

So as a really small child (around 5 or 6) I remember having to go to therapy for some kind of speech impediment I had, but apparently I was tested for ADHD somewhere down the line, with the conclusion being that I had SPD. Unfortunately, my parents never decided to tell me this until I told them I was having trouble getting things done in college.

In high school, I always left assignments to the last minute because I was able to finish them in time, but not so for college. Reading through this checklist on this site, I can relate to a lot of things, especially under the social/emotional category. I always have this overwhelming feeling that something is going wrong, or that something is not right, and no matter what I do nothing will change. I'm nervous around people all the time, and as a result I only have a few friends, mostly ones who approached me. When confronted with something that makes me nervous or frightens me (usually irrationally so), my immediate reaction is to avoid it. And that's how I've lived my life, although it's ironic because I've avoided everything that makes life livable.

It drives me crazy because I can see these problems for a rational viewpoint and say to myself, "Why don't you just finish that email?" or "WHy don't you just talk to her?" But my brain just goes haywire and screams "I CAN'T." Now that I've looked over this list of symptoms, I'm 100% sure my mom has SPD, especially hypersensitivity to clothing, smells, noises, etc although I think she deals with all of that by being extremely organized and efficient. I just feel like if my parents had told me about this when i was a little kid, I could've learned to handle and cope with it. I always want to start over and live how I want, but I don't know how.

Thanks for reading.

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Feb 24, 2010
pretty compatible2
by: Oceane

I came across SPD while searching for other answers to my problems because apparently what I?ve already been diagnosed with doesn?t cover it all. The meds aren?t making a huge difference so I was wondering what else it could be.
As I said, the social/emotional categories totally apply to me and some other random ones too. I hate hugs and kisses (although I really want to like them!), I hate crowded places, I am extremely lethargic and have little energy, I never crawled when I was a kid, I sucked my thumb til I was 11, I get easily distracted by sounds,lights and smells (though I don?t get all the nauseous feelings), I hate ?unpractical food? (like fish/meat with bones, food you need to touch or fiddle with to be able to eat) and weird texture in foods, im easily startled, I fear anything that can potentially hurt or cause me pain no matter how little it is, I fidget, chew on pencils/pens, I smoke??etc?

And probably the most critical at the moment is my inability to be organized or manage my time. And I?m thinking part of the problem is cause I am ?slow?. I respond to everything slower than average and so I get back tracked in everything until it all piles up and becomes unmanageable.
I have no idea what is related to what anymore so again?I?m ?trapped? in this vicious cycle of issues that lead to other issues etc etc.
I am so frustrated and disillusioned and yes, I am depressed. Why? Because I have no idea what I am going to do with my life.

And that is my story.
Thanks for giving me a gateway to express myself. I don?t think anyone can help me but me. So I?m not even seeking advice anymore. But it always feels good to know that even though I feel alone and misunderstood in my own setting?there are others out there who are going through similar issues.

I hope you work yours out.
Good luck

Feb 24, 2010
pretty compatible1
by: Oceane

hey there,
i just want to thank you for posting your story because i have read sooooo many and its the first one that actually corresponds to me.

I?m trying to put a name on my behavior but not many of the categories apply to me. Most of the hypersensitivity issues actually remind me more of my mom.

However in the social/emotional category I have all the ?symptoms??and they are exactly as you describe yours! Especially the overwhelming negative vibes?and the frustration of being able to observe all my internal conflicts from a rational viewpoint and yet not being able to control myself or reverse my problems.
I feel trapped in so many ways. And my case is actually probably worse than yours because apparently you made it to college. Im a senior in highschool and I couldn?t graduate last year because I hadn?t completed all my assignments so I took an extra year, hoping that with the extra time I would ace my final year and move on with my life.

I got diagnosed with ADD, executive dysfunction, and tendency of depression only this year and I?ve only recently started taking meds. First it was concerta?and recently I?ve also been prescribed meds for anxiety...i?ve also been granted 25% extra time in my exams because of my condition.

I hoped that with all this extra ?help? and these accommodations I would drastically improve?or atleast improve? But I struggled through the whole year and at the moment I?m having mock exams and I?ve already flunked them. I know all my stuff and I revised a lot so that isn?t the problem. And all the work I complete for homework (WHEN I complete it, is always excellent and like top grade of the class) But I still have the overwhelming negative intuition and when it tells me ?I can?t? or ?it won?t go well..as usual??I always prove myself right. I can never finish tests on time?or finish anything on time. In essay exams for instance?EVERYONE else writes eight to ten pages and they manage to fit in all the content?while I write about two pages and I barely get to the body of my essay.

Jan 22, 2010
by: mo2g

I just found out that I have sensory issues in the past year. I learned about it from dealing w/ my 7yo and trying to help her. I'm 38 so while it was great to finally find out why the world made no sense to me, it was also sad to realize how much I had missed out on. I, too, struggled in college. I eventually quit.

So what I want to tell you is not to give up. Now that you have an answer you have a place to start. I would recommend therapy mostly b/c you seem to have a lot of anxiety and frustration. The right therapist can help you find the best way for you to deal w/ that. Since you're in college, that might be a good place to start looking for a therapist. Most colleges offer counseling services. If they don't, they should be able to refer you. I hope that you find the answers and the help you need so that you can live a happier, more fulfilling life.

And try not to be angry at your parents for not telling you. It's hard as a parent sometimes to know what to do, how much to tell, who or when to tell, etc. Be patient w/ them. Be patient w/ yourself. I have found patience to be the best tool for dealing w/ my little girl. Good luck.

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