Diagnosed early and now left unsure.

by Brandy

My daughter was diagnosed rather young with SPD, about 1.5 years old; she had plenty of signs/"quirks" .

As a baby:
- Impervious to pain
- Refused to ever lay flat had to be in a sitting or standing position.
- Had to be swaddled in a knit blanket at all times regardless of the temperature. (She was born in August so this caused much overheating.)
- For bedtime she had to be swaddled and placed in a boppy for extra snugness and to maintain and sitting up position.
- Refused to crawl normally. Used tiptoes and hands to move around.
- She cried to be tossed and rocked vigorously.
- No babbling at all.

As a toddler:
- Walked early but would only walk on her toes.
- Would only eat soft foods (i.e.. yogurt, noodles, soggy cereal)
- Food needed to be covered in ketchup.
- Before eating she would rub her food all over her.
- Stuffed her mouth until the point of gagging.
- Unable to use silverware.
- Pulled hair out in chunks whenever in the car.
- Constant running around, running into things purposely, and standing on her head.
- No talking beyond unintelligible sounds for Mama and juice.
- Needs random and plentiful "cuddle time" breaks throughout the day.
- Refused to be touched by children her age.
- If going into public wants to be covered completely to avoid touch.
- Uses favorite knit blanket to hide throughout the day or to avoid being touched by others.
- Hand flapping.
- Constant diarrhea.

She was placed in OT/ST by Early Intervention and made great strides in speech and eating and was released from both. Now, she is turning 3 and doesn't exhibit

nearly as many problems and those that she does show I'm uncertain to whether or not they pertain to SPD. My daughter never has meltdowns like those I read about from other parents. She has bad days where she does a lot of crying and has general miserableness with a need to cuddle all day but cuddling usually makes it all better and we just spend the day lazing about together. She does still:
- Hate to be near large groups of people. When we are insist on being held.
- Insistis on being covered when in public.
- Fearful of being touched by children her age.
- Needs random "cuddle breaks" throughout the day.
- Drools a lot.
- Still has a hard time being understood when speaking.
- Spends a lot of time hidden under her knit blanket.
- Tired all the time.
- Always thirsty
- Asks to go outside then wants to go inside almost immediately.
- Under responsive to pain.
- Doesn't eat much and when she does eat it takes long periods of time with many breaks between bites.
- Diarrhea
- Lack of sweating which leads to overheating.
- Mouths many inedible objects.
- Constantly rubs lips.
- Curls toes when walking/standing.

Is it possible she overcame some of her previous sensory issues through early therapy but still struggles with SPD or is it more likely she is just a eccentric preschooler? We don't have issues with dressing or bedtime, she is no longer an obvious sensory seeker in the way she had been, and she has always been pretty ahead of the curve with her motor skills. Any help/input would be appreciated. I'm just trying to understand my daughter as best as possible.

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Jul 18, 2012
diagnosed early
by: marjory scotland glasgow

hiya i get alot of what you say just afew things different, My son when small never crawled, but shuffled along on his bottom untill he was around 13months. He went to nursery school with no problems, i noticed when his older brother swung him or touched him without him seeing it comming he would scream uncontroling.

We went to primary school, we had trouble pulling on clothes, socks,zips etc. We where diagnosed with reduced proprioception. This is not being aware of your body in time and space. The o.t. simplified it for us. Basically sudden touch, not knowing someone is going to touch you is is like getting a fright, soft touch feels like a slap, and vice versa. My son seeks out tight hugs and squeases. He says it calms him. The o.t. says it makes him aware of where his body is. This all was diagnosed at 5yrs. James is now 8yrs and has also been diagnosed with autism, Aspergers, that was last september.
My best advice is, read book by Temple grandin thinking in pictures. It explaines alot.

I feel the more work done with james the more he is able to resolve issues and adapt himself.
We attended a private clinic for assesment a month ago. I was told that the work we do is working for james, that they couldnt improve his movement any more than what had been done. What i mean is his motor skills, balance, co ordination etc. Also this wasnt an issue in the early years.

As the years pass new problems arise and old ones dissapear for some reason. I wish you and your family well. My email is m.torrie@live.co.uk

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