Diagnosed with autism as a child but believe it was SID

by Alexandra

I was diagnosed as having extreme autism as a young child and my parents were told that I would never talk, never function in society. After seeing many doctors and finding no hope in them, my mom finally found some one who thought she could help. I was in therapy with this doctor from age 3 till age 6 when we moved. My biggest problem was with my hearing. The smallest sound could overwhelm me, I believe this is why I didn't talk because the world of sound was so painful to me, I totally withdrew from the world to try to cope which then resulted in the autism diagnosis. By the time I left therapy a few years later, I was almost normal. Talking, having friends, doing well in school etc. I still had some social issues in school and some issues with sound but now at age 34, and for really most of my adult life, I am almost completely normal. I still have troubles ignoring certain sounds, dogs barking, weed wackers, those types of things I can not just let fade into the background but other than that, I could not really identify from any of the check lists.

From talking to people and doing research, I believe I had an extreme form of SID as a child and not autism. It much more closely describes me as a child plus the fact that I was able to recover from it. Has anyone outgrown their SID though? Especially going from one extreme as extreme as I had. I did not see any of the signs or symptoms in any of my family. I have a 10 year old daughter who is completely normal I think, a little shy but nothing unusual but I have been so afraid to have more children because of my autism diagnosis as a child, so afraid that I would have a child like I was only nonrecoverable. I would love to know if there was any one like me out there and if they had children, are they normal?

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