Diaper removal

by Karrie
(San Ramon, CA)

My 3 year old autistic granddaughter (the 2 year old is also autistic) removes her diaper at night if she has a bowel movement and smears the feces on herself, the carpet, the walls - well, you get the picture. My son has taken to duct taping the diaper on and then wrapping the onesie in duct tape so she can't get it off. Any ideas?

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Apr 11, 2015
by: Ashe

My toddler likes to play in his poop sometimes too, although not as often as your grand-toddler. If she's open to potty training, start at it. Because then somebody will be on top of her when she has to go and it's easier to intercept the worst fingerpainting in history.

If it's the warm and squishy sensation she's craving, how about also having warm play-doh for her to play with instead? Make it brown if you have to, but so long as her attention is drawn to another warm, squishy thing.

Nov 30, 2013
by: William

You have to be careful as to the methods used to secure the diaper to the child. You can create underlined symptoms and behaviors if the material used causes a heightened sensory processing issue.

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