Difficulty with dressing

by Chantal
(Aylmer, Quebec, Canada)


My little girl is 3.5 and lately when we need to transition from pjs to day clothes and back she gets very upset. Usually clothing textures don't bother her, but she still seems to get upset trying to dress herself. Her main difficulties lie in the fact that she often won't look where she's putting her arms and or legs and often gets two legs in one leg hole or her arm where her head should go. I or my husband are right beside her and we try to gently coach her along, but its as if she can't progress and learn from her past mistakes. Is this a common issue for kids with SPD? Are there any tactics that we can take to help her work through this? Her primary areas of discomfort tend to fall into the Auditory area with a little overlap in Tactile.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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