Disappointed I Didn't Tell My Daughter

by Tricia
(Kc, Missouri)

I am a Mother of 3 girls. My youngest is 21y.o. now, but was diagnosed with Autism based on a Sensory Processing D/O when she was just 3y.o.

I was advised by the diagnosing Dr that she was functioning so well that it'd be a social stigma to treat her as if she had the d/o. He advised me that he would not include this diagnosis in her records so that she could lead a "Normal Life." However, he did give me a pamphlet I carried in my wallet until it fell apart and I eventually wrote the bullet points of onto another piece of paper.

We had been sent to see him by CPS because we had made the third ER visit in a row due to her injuring her slightly older sister.

Now, years later her symptoms have magnified 10 fold. I can look back over 18 yrs and see all to well that her life has been difficult. Problem is I told the story and she shrugs it off.

She's been reluctant to return to college after difficulty adapting to the different teaching styles. She's lost interest in her dream of attending the Art Institute, and even lost interest in her art as a past time. I'd like to help...I don't know how? Too little, too late?

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Dec 11, 2016
Never Too Late
by: Anonymous

Please don't give up on her as she has. It is NEVER too late to start over. We as parents do what we do when we do something that we believe will help our children. I've never met a parent that didn't have regret or guilt over what they did or didn't do right for their children.

One more time, give your daughter the information you were given in factual terms. Let her know she can use it for her benefit or brush it off as your blame, either way, it is HER choice. Let her know you will support her either way. BUT, she needs some assistance, it's time to move forward in her life.

I'm guessing that she is still on your insurance? If so, make an appointment with an OT for evaluation for her. The drys diagnosis all those years ago may have been incorrect, that was a long time ago. Let her know that all the information you two can obtain now is for her future. You can't erase the past, but you can take it day by day. Wishing you all a new beginning.
Blessings to your family.

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