Discouraged Parent

My daughter is 22 mths.old and only eats crackers,yogurt,Gerber rice puffs,cinnamon graham crackers,applesauce, fruit baby foods,and not to mention MILK almost all day. As a small baby she never ate baby food, just formula. She would gag and act like it was acid, I never understood what was wrong with her. I would always bring it up at doctor's app., and they would blow me off because she was a pretty healthy looking baby. And they said that baby food was not a necessity to her calorie or vitamin intake, and that she was ok.

So finally at her 12 month app., I said something was not right and that she was only drinking whole milk. Then they finally believed me and referred her to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Center. She see's an occupational and speech therapist twice a week for an hour. We haven't really had any process because her oral defensiveness is pretty severe, she resist pretty much all contact. Now they have decided to stop therapy for 30 days and put her into a feeding group, where she will be eating with other kids her age. This process is so frustrating because I just want her to eat and to be healthy. Things could be worse but it's hard to stay positive....:-(

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