Disruptive behaviour in class

by Marylou

I hope someone can help me work out how to support and advocate for my son.

He is almost 5 and is in preschool, starting kindergarten next year.

I have not completed a full sensory profile despite working with paediatric OTs! He has quite low tone and lax joints and presents with an auditory sensitivity. He often puts his hands over his ears and makes very high-pitched repetitive noises when there's too much noise (like in the car if people are talking - he's getting better but for a long time I gave him headphones and a CD player which really helped). He talks and talks and talks. He thinks everything out loud.

He's a very sociable, interactive little boy with excellent problem-solving skills and he's actually very good at sitting and completing actives like puzzles and craft etc. He told me last week that he loves having conversations but that most kids at school don't like to have good conversations!

The teacher recently reported that he is often very silly in class. I asked what that means exactly and she said he suddenly blows raspberries or jumps about or makes noises etc (especially with 1 other child). (I noticed that he does it when we run in to school kids outside school or in big groups but not so much at home). She's very nice and has done some sensory processing training so she's trying to help him nicely but I'm really concerned about him being labelled. She said that she AND the other children are starting to say 'Jim, the sillies are in you, you better get them out.' Apparently he stops. She thinks this is a good way to deal with it because it's suggesting that 'the sillies' are something external to him. I understand that but I'm really worried that there are other 4 year olds telling my son that he needs to pull his head in!

I don't know whether my son has a SPD or is just a typically developing 4 year old boy but I hope you can make some suggestions for how I can help him or perhaps suggest where else I might go.

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Feb 18, 2015
I have Exactly the same issue!
by: Anonymous

I too am desperate for some advice. My son has just started prep and doing the same thing. He has suddenly become quite uncontrollable and cheecky making noises at the exact time the teacher needs to speak or anyone he literally doesn't want to listen to, effectively cutting them off mid speech. He has also started mimicking a lot of the crazy actions of other kids during class at inappropriate time, jumping like a monkey, making monkey sounds, walking on hands and knees. His teacher is wonderful but has her hands full with a class of very challenging children, most are boys with the challenging behaviour.

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