by Jayme
(Cleveland, OH)

I am in shock at how many of these my daughter and I had to rate at a 5. We had a very hard time even getting through the questions because having to think of things like new clothes, showering, splashing water, talking on the phone, social situations. We are both being seen for mental health stuff (my daughter just recently started seeing a therapist) so no worries.

Now what is so disturbing to me is that my mother is an RN. My 2 nephews have been diagnosed, by 3 different child psychiatrists, with ASD and no one ever noticed that I've had these problems my entire life! I'm quiet and have just recently been able to make my needs known but my mother took me to my pediatrician when I was a baby because I never cried...I'm sure she wasn't complaining but she knew something was off. The pediatrician said she was just used to my older sister that cried constantly (my sister with the 2 ASD boys).

So how did I get through hundreds of doctors appts, 2 yrs of therapy, and 16 yrs of school (college included) without anyone saying I may have a sensory processing disorder?! I've been diagnosed with myalgia and fibromyalgia. I am always uncomfortable and always in pain. What the hell? 😔

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